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Guac is creamy, tasty, delicious, an explosion of flavors, healthy and goes well with a lot of dishes. From your typical side for Mexican fiesta, to your fancy Sunday brunch salmon toast.


What more can we say about guac? Just try ours and enjoy it. We do have some great recommendations below though, so be sure to check them out.





If you travel to some parts of Mexico or Guatemala you're likely to see this one. 


Your bun is a critical part of your hot dog. We recommend using a soft, but not chewy, and definitely not porous type of bread. Something like a brioche is great. Cut your bun in half and toast it on the grill. 


Use your favorite sausage and grill it well. once your sausage is well grilled and has nice marks on all sides,we recommend butterflying it and grilling the inside too for extra crisp and flavor. You can also use good quality chorizo or longaniza if you can find some, it's a whole different ball park.


Once you are ready to build your hot dog, spread a nice layer of MAD PORK guac on the bottom part of your bun and build your hot dog as you usually do. Great ideas for toppings are mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles and raw or pickled onions.


This is something like a guac taco. No, seriously, just try it. Put a good amount of guac on a warm tortilla and roll it or fold it. A great way to appease your hunger for an hour until dinner is ready or to snack when drinking a cold beer. 

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