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We currently have a mild and a hot variety of our traditional salsa, but if you thought that we were about chips and salsa exclusively, think again...

YES! WE LOVE CHIPS AND SALSA! BUT… (there’s always a BUT…) there’s so much more to salsa… than only chips and salsa.

We want you to stop thinking salsa as your 3-month-old-stale-emergency-appetizer for your unexpected guests.


We are committed to providing you a new and exciting way of experiencing salsa (and guac and and beans and “everything” related).


We betcha (how about we bet a jar of salsa?) that you will never think of salsa the same way again… 

Keep reading below for suggestions, and come back soon for full recipes and more.



The first one is an easy one. Simply boil a chicken breast in water until the chicken shreds easily.

Once shredded, mix with as much MAD PORK mild or hot salsa as you want.

You can serve it over salad, over tortillas and make tacos, or simply grab a jar of our guac and serve with a serving of it. Simple and delicious.


Simply pour as much as you want over your fried eggs in the morning.

A great tip for frying eggs: use butter on your pan, then cover your eggs until they aren't watery on the surface. Add salt mid through the process. For a harder yolk, simply leave your eggs covered until the surface of the yolk starts looking whitish.

Serve alone or with some beans for a traditional breakfast.

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