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Our tortillas are fresh and tasty, they go well with many dishes.

Be sure to use them with carnitas or carne asada for your home-made tacos. But in reality, you can make a taco out of anything you want. That's how a lot of people eat in many countries of Latin-America. Lots of people there eat tortillas daily with their meals instead of bread. This is an important source of fiber, iron and vitamins for them.



This is a great trick to keep your kids happy when they come from school and lunch isn't ready yet. I learned this one from my grandma while growing up.

Simply heat up a tortilla, squeeze some lime juice on it, add a pinch of salt and roll it. Just make sure to use real juice and not bottled one.



The easiest way is of course to throw them in the microwave. Be sure to wrap your tortillas in a kitchen-towel and sprinkle them with a bit of water so they stay moist.


If you have a small toaster-oven, that's even better.


The best method I know though, is on a "small comal". I have memories as a child impatiently waiting for my warm tortillas to come out (it doesn't take that long, trust me). A few years ago, I tried to find that "small comal" online.  Unable to do so, I finally called my mom, who confessed: "Oh that thing? It wasn't really a comal... it came with the pressure-cooker, we just used it as such." True story.

So I had no remedy but to find out what she was talking about. It was, in fact, a pressure-cooker canning rack. So I bought one, and now use it as my "comalito" at home.

My dad, on the other hand, was more like a Rambo-style-tortilla-heater. He would just throw the darn things on the burner grate and flip by hand. 

I am posting the link here for you. I have no relation to the product and make no money on this. Words of caution: this is not an approved use by the manufacturer, so please be careful with it, it can get really hot, and please don't use it unless you have a gas stove!

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